Implementation, management and further software development of TELCO Enterprise B2B Billing Solutions developed and operated by ALTRON.

T-Mobile Czech Republic has been operating on the Czech market since 1996 and has been a part of Deutsche Telekom since 2002. Today, T-Mobile is the market leader in mobile services, providing its services to six million customers. T-Mobile also offers fast data telephone services on the LTE network, which today covers 93% of the Czech population and is growing. It also offers a comprehensive portfolio of ICT services and products for corporate customers.

ALTRON has developed and operates mediating and billing solutions for telecommunications and data services for T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. This application works in the post paid mode, and supports voice (fixed and mobile), data and ICT services at T-Mobile. This solution enables T-Mobile to respond very flexibly to their business needs, and to support its position in the market for voice, data and ICT services. The system is fully integrated with the platform technology and relevant applications at T-Mobile. Tailor made solutions from ALTRON has enabled T-Mobile to set up its offering of services according to current customer needs and the situation in the telecommunications market while maintaining a high degree of reliability and accuracy of billing, while resulting in savings in operating costs compared to the baseline.

About the Customer

T-Mobile Czech Republic has been operating on the Czech market since 1996 and has been a part of Deutsche Telekom since 2002. The company is the market leader in mobile services, providing its services to six million customers. However, T-Mobile is an integrated operator and also provides telecommunications services, and comprehensive ICT solutions not only for the company. It provides its clients superior service in a high-speed network and cutting-edge innovations in technology.

Starting Position

T-Mobile has experienced major changes geared to the further strengthening and development of services in recent years. These changes have had a significant impact on the amount and structure of services provided and thus on the billing process. Above all, the merger with T-Systems and GTS required a change in approach to billing and invoicing in the B2B segment.

ALTRON Solutions and Services

ALTRON operates and develops for T-Mobile billing mediation solution and Enterprise Billing (Durian), which was prepared especially for customers involved in telecommunications, energy and transportation. Enterprise Billing is built as a turnkey solution and meets the demanding requirements of the financial system for B2B services.

The solution uses operationally proven software components, characterised by its exceptional stability and reliability. Part of the Enterprise Billing Mediation system includes systems for ensuring the collection, validation and filtering CDR/UDR records, linking and aggregation records from various sources, standardization and business data transformation.

A basic function of Enterprise Billing used by T-Mobile uses, primarily management and price lists, price list items and categories. These elements, followed by administration of products and technical service settings, along with the retention model and the definition of SLA for end customers. An important feature of the entire solution is the accounting services, assessment CDR / EDR records and their records. The solution also covers flat-rate billing, the preparation of invoices, calculates commissions and prepares financial statements for the period and invoicing stage. The Enterprise Billing system has been and is currently being continuously developed in accordance with the requirements of T-Mobile. Through close cooperation with system users, they can accurately address their needs. ALTRON has received unique feedback through its participation in operating the system, which was reflected in the extreme reliability of the system in terms of both operational and accounting data.

Benefits and Advantages

Enterprise Billing by ALTRON meet demanding customer requirements for billing for services after the merger with GTS and T-Systems. The implementation took place in parallel with the integration of cooperating systems. The implementation and operating experience provided by our experts at ALTRON helped T-Mobile plan the smooth running of the implementation phase, and significantly remove obstacles in the transition to a new billing system.

“Correct processing and billing services are one of the basic prerequisites for T-Mobile being perceived to be a customer-oriented company, which is why we place great demands on our systems and processes and must comply with our suppliers. ALTRON is one of our partners who have long supported our idea, and the delivery of Enterprise Billing solutions fully meets our expectations,” said Roman Laštovka, Senior Head of FIX & ICT Systems at T-Mobile Czech Republic.

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