Development and implementation of a Ticket Management System for the Atlassian JIRA platform for the Customer Care Department at W.A.G. payment solutions.

The W.A.G. payment solutions, Plc., an operator of the Eurowag System (payment solution for the car park) is an important European fleet card issuer offering a wide portfolio of services in the field of payments for fuelling, payments of road tolls and VAT and refunding excise duties.

To cover this issue, which fell within the competence of a centralized Customer Care department, there had to be an appropriate way to extend the functionality of the company's information system. For the establishment of the solution of the collection, management, processing and evaluation of requirements (Ticket  Management System) the selection fell, in collaboration with the ALTRON  company, using the Altassian JIRA platform. After successful implementation of managing internal IT requirements to the external IT services providers, it was decided to use this platform and meet the requirements of the separated Customer Care Department.

ALTRON designed and implemented the required solutions successfully useing the experience gained in implementing supporting IT tools to support their own call centre and customer support production department for other customers.

About the Customer

The W.A.G. payment solutions, Plc. company offers sophisticated payment solutions for the fleets of professional transport and forwarding companies and the network of express filling stations for passenger vehicles. W.A.G. is an unrivalled technological and innovative branch market leader and one of the most dynamic companies on the market.

The Eurowag fleet card is the main product of the company. It is intended for professional transport and forwarding companies. It is utilized by them for the non cash payments for fuelling, paying road toll sand VAT and refunding excise duties and other support services under preferential conditions.

Eurowag is the main independent issuer of fleet cards in Central and Eastern Europe, ranking second in terms of its market share. To enable the company to develop its activities, it needs to quickly and successfully address the demands of their customers moving on the roads of many European countries.

ALTRON Solutions and Services

A complex solution for effective management and monitoring of customer requirements called Ticket Management System for Customer Care was delivered by the ALTRON  company to W.A.G. payment solutions, Plc. This solution was implemented on an Atlassian JIRA platform which offers not only the facilitation and support of processes of project management, but flexible and user friendly tools for managing and monitoring employee performance in the working process  with SLA characteristics as well. The solution for managing customer requirements standardizes two-sided communication with customers within this key business process and centralizes all relevant documents into one place. The entering of new requirements is modular – besides automatically creating the requirements from the email queue, direct entering of requirements by the customer is also supported or its manual entering by the customer care department operator on the basis of phone communication. When saving the text into the outgoing electronic communication with customer, they are reflected in the particular specific language to a single regional dealerships W.A.G. payment solution according to the customer's nationality.

The Ticket Management System for Customer Care has been integrated with other components of the customer information system (e.g. CRM or LDAP) and makes use of already available information. The Atlassian JIRA platform has already been enhanced within this solution by some other commercial add-on modules (e.g. JIRA Email This Issue module or Timesheets and report plugin) extending its functionality or bringing some specific simplifications.

An important part of the implementation solution is the creation of real-time feedback and reports. The success of the customer requirements solution can be monitored by the managers of the respective departments according to the precisely set SLA parameters. These reports subsequently constitute a significant source of information for efficiency analysis and suggestions for optimizing management and work processes.

Benefits and Advantages

There are many advantages for the customer by implementing this system. In the first place, all information about the solution record of individual cases and customer requirements at the Customer Care Department are available at one place and are easily traceable within the application. It represents a substantial advantage in comparison with classic communication channels such as telephone and email. Another advantage rests in the feature of the solution from ALTRON  itself, which allows you to track the exact time of development of individual requirements and the performance of service levels (SLA).. W.A.G payment system solutions bring clear outputs and reports that allow you to track the performance of tasks within individual departments and subsequently optimize the organizational structure and charting the work of the whole company. The ALTRON solution indirectly affects the company's performance and efficient use of corporate resources.

“We have been looking for a reliable partner for providing a Ticket Management System for our Customer Care Department who would be able to understand the principles of our business and propose a suitable solution which would fully meet our requirements. We found in ALTRON  a credible partner, who fulfilled our expectations and demonstrated its competence in the field of implementing  ICT projects,” said Josef Krotký, Project Manager, and Jan Otta, Head of Customer Care of W.A.G. payment solutions.

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