A complex proposal for a power system concept for a new building and safely cooling information technology in the ČEZ datacentre.

Solution Implemented

  • Delivery of a complete proposal for a power system concept for the new main building located near the current headquarters
  • Provision of a secure power supply and cooling for ICT equipment at the datacentre
  • Connecting the energy of the new building and original company headquarters through mutual information and energy backup.
  • Processing the solution on the basis of our own PROMON™ management system

Added Value

  • Two motor generators have been delivered by the ALTRON Company meeting the extreme demands laid on sound damping, backup sources, accurate cooling, uvular distributors and the wiring system.
  • Added value of the solution rests in the PROMON™   monitoring system which collects all operation data including the fuel system and recharging- of individual battery blocks of the UPS system.
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