Consolidating the IT environment combined with virtualizing and outsourcing key systems..

The company AAA Radiotaxi has been operating on the Czech market since 1996. Over the 20 years of its activities, the company has grown into one of the largest taxi operators in Europe and the Czech Republic, operating the largest fleet of contracting taxis and dispatching. In addition to its standard services, manages AAA Radiotaxi’s Taxi Fair Trade stands are throughout Prague, providing transport from the Prague airport

and the train station. The company realized more than 1.5 million fares ordered via its dispatching.

To enable the company to provide reliable and quality services, it needs a supportive IT environment that dynamically adapts to current requirements. ALTRON realized for AAA Radiotaxi a complex ICT project based on the consolidation and virtualization of IT environments and systems, as well as providing the subsequent operation.

About the Customer

AAA Radiotaxi s.r.o. (A A A Radiotaxi) operates more than 1,200 modern taxis and is currently expanding its fleet with about 150 vehicles running on compressed gas CNG. The company is the leader on the Czech market, whose contracting and transporting makes if the seventh largest dispatching centre in Europe. Thanks to its long experience, it meets customer needs for quick delivery vehicles.

Since 2006, AAA Radiotaxi has been present at the Prague airport and manages 16 Taxi Fair Trade sites in Prague. The company is continuously expanding its services and convenience for customers, for example in the form of the possibility of ordering services through mobile applications or by providing Wi-Fi access in each car. The company has been growing over the long term and revenues exceed CZK 1.5 billion.

Starting Position

The initial state of the customer IT infrastructure showed gaps, particularly in the form of high operating costs, which were inadequate to the performance of the entire IT system. In addition, a backup system was not properly set up and subsequent work with backups and inflexible IT without the possibility of rapid response to new trends and directions in business.

ALTRON Solutions and Services

ALTRON proceeded to draft a new customer IT model in order to create a stable and efficient infrastructure. VMware was chosen as the platform for server virtualization. On this newly created infrastructure existing physical servers were subsequently consolidated. The main benefits of this solution are mainly to reduce the burden on the IT department and to reduce operating costs of IT infrastructure with centralized and simplified management of the entire environment using the VMware vCenter Server.

Part of the solution included a backup of the entire infrastructure to achieve comprehensive protection of all virtual machines and data that is on them. After deploying the entire infrastructure, checks of the entire system will be carried out at regular intervals to optimize the performance, capacity and prevent potential problems.

Benefits and Advantages

Deployment of the new model of corporate IT operations with the use of VMware technology and services, ALTRON brought the customer significant financial and time savings. In terms of operational costs of IT, it achieved 50% savings. The solution by ALTRON also occurred in the ecological aspects of ICT operations by reducing energy costs by up to 80%. Virtualization also brought savings in time to deploy new infrastructure by more than half. This led to the freeing up funds for developing the core business while maintaining a fully functional, flexible and optimized customer IT environment. An important and essential contribution of services and solutions, ALTRON was also been simplified and had faster backups and recovery of customer data. Finally, we also managed to achieve an optimal level of flexibility due to the termination of the physical infrastructure of the requirements of resource for IT services.

“Our industry places emphasis on providing perfect customer service and we put the same expectations and requirements on our suppliers. Above all, IT services are crucial for supporting our transport services. We entrusted ALTRON with optimizing and designing new environmental information systems and infrastructure, which convinced us of their professionalism and experience in the field of ICT. Implementing the project fulfilled our expectations and provided the required savings and more efficient operations of our IT,” said Jiří Kvasnička, Managing Director AAA Radiotaxi.

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