Datacentre extension for another data room under full operation.

GE Money Bank required an extension of their technological premises of its datacentre in the Prague 4 district for another room on the condition of full operation of existing technologies. The ALTRON Company was evaluated as a suitable supplier for the whole solution.

Solution Implemented

  • Datacentre extension by another room under full operation of the building.
  • Providing a controlled environment and data collection of the temperature and humidity in the data hall;
  • Extension of infrastructure delivered in 2002. Development of cooperation with client in the area of new ecological technologies, design and delivery of energy saving technologies.

Added Value of the Solution

  • Backup sources (UPS) and switchboards have been delivered and a generator located on the roof of the building was replaced by the ALTRON Company.
  • Two free cooling chillers have been assigned to air conditioning units by the ALTRON company which exploited the surrounding cool air for cooling.
  • ALTRON actively espoused the “green data centre” concept and provided monitoring of all technologies on its own monitoring system platform.
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