Delivery and provision of service for modular backup sources (UPS) for their datacentre.

Inquiry for delivery of modular backup UPS sources and provision of their servicing under optimum conditions was placed by the Škoda Auto Company.

Optimal Solution Option

  • Designing backup sources with low losses and reduced ground plan, minimizing requirements placed on the air conditioning system – limited space capabilities were the main limiting factors.
  • Processing new wiring and low voltage distribution switchboards design
  • Complex provision of optimal operation conditions, i.e. as a warranty of the operational environment and technological facility management.

Added Value of the Solution

  • Suitable parameters of operating environment in the UPS installation room were provided by the ALTRON Company as well as contract clauses regarding maintenance activities already at the solution design phase, all in compliance with strict internal guidelines of the customer
  • Modular scalable UPS solution with external battery for a 30-minute backup was proposed by the ALTRON Company on the basis of customer requirements and internal standards.
  • Facility management on the basis of regular weekly inspections has been provided by the ALTRON Company.
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