A delivery of a modular mobile datacenters, provision of operation and maintenance services. First Uptime Institute TIER III certified MMDC in the Middle East.

1st Uptime Institute certified Modular Mobile Data Center in the Middle East, delivered to technology compound DCO for Sharjah Department of e-Government in UAE.

Sharjah Department of e-Government (DEG) refers to Sharjah Government’s use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide government services to citizens, residents and visitors (G2C), to businesses (G2B), to other government entities (G2G) and to government employees (G2E); using multiple channels, in line with its vision of easing the lives of people and businesses interacting with the Government.

Solution Architecture

ALTRON technical solution complies with all-in-one data center principle that accommodates all infrastructure in 40 feet ISO 1AA container. Solution designed to cater 13 racks in 1 container and providing 100KW for ICT load in 1st phase and 39 racks in 3 containers providing 300KW for ICT load for entire technological compound (delivered in 2016). The container consists of an entrance section separated from the ICT hall, which is mandatory in this region. Equipped to withstand external temperatures of 55 °C/131 °F.

Air conditioning units are placed on the container’s roof to maximize inner space and the ICT capacity Customizable for organization requiring immediate additional computing capacity. Due to the best of breed selection of technology components, Altron engineering team achieved remarkable efficiency in terms of PUE factor bellow 1.6 that is surely the best in region at a current technology development.

After a smooth Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) performed with the client in the Czech Republic containers have been shipped to Sharjah and commissioned in a very short period. Altron provides 3 year warranty and maintenance package with strict Service Level Agreement parameters that are operated with Altron in-house engineers from Europe to maintain high end of service for DEG´s critical infrastructure.  


Sharjah Department of e-Government MMDC “all-in-one” is 1st TCDD certified data center facility meeting Tier III standards as defined by the Uptime Institute. DEG objective is to complete Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) by Uptime Institute and also prospecting Tier III Certification Operation Sustainability (TCOS). The data center´s targeted availability level is the concurrent maintainability, i.e. the TIER III by the Uptime Institute does correspond with DEG ambitions to deliver excellent services to public and also set government sector benchmark.

Proposed solution

  • Delivery of three ALTRON Mobile Modular Datacentres type MMDC40 with an output of 100 kW IT
  • Provision of maintenance and support services
  • Certification of solution to TIER3 from Uptime Institute

Solution benefits

  • Complex solution for support of all customer IT services and solutions
  • Easy and quick implementation with full operation support
  • Future expandability
  • Low energy intensity – PUE 1.5
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