A new data center in Prague with full-range OT solutions and IT services.

CGI IT Czech Republic (formerly Logica) is a global company which has been acting on the Czech market since 1993. It provides its customers with a wide range of services from consultation activities and project management to system integration and security. It is focused on cloud services, virtualization and outsourcing. Due to the constantly increasing customer demands for quality and available IT, it was decided to build a new datacentre.

The ALTRON Company offered quick and functionally sophisticated solutions to the construction of entire datacenter in Prague, including zone cooling and the spare battery and power generation. By modifying an office space to create the datacentre, their solution uniquely handled the backup power supply, which exceeds obligatory operation time more than two and makes it very easy prolongs the time of replacement power to virtually indefinitely, even under very substandard conditions. The whole operation is monitored 24/7 from the ALTRON control centre. According to customers requirement, the entire datacentre was established in two months, which displayed ALTRON’s ability to react flexibly to customer requirements.

About the customer

CGI’s expansion on the Czech market and acquisition of new chances in the IT area invoked the extension of existing data centres premises. In view of exhaustion of existing data centres capacity the CGI company decided during 2015 to establish, at very short notice, a new data centre directly at companys headquarters in Prague. The ALTRON participated in the tender for new data centre establishment as a long-time CGI partner. The Altron has been, for the whole period of cooperation since 1998, a vehicle of new modern trends for the CGI company in the non-IT area and a warranty, that it is able to transform those new view at the IT world into practice.

ALTRON solutions and services

A turn-key solution of the new data centre complex implementation was offered by the ALTRON company. The data centre area (white space) amounts to 100 square metres, IT output comes to 180 kW, number of data racks 30 pcs, power density 6kW for one rack. For the reason of most effective data centre operation and retention of required availability modular UPS sources of ABB company were implemented enabling gradual implementation of performance modules in time depending of the requirement for  the IT output.  Inner interrack EMERSON units with direct evaporation serve for temperature drain from the IT at the data centre. The employed architecture of warm and cold corridors in combination with covered cold corridor is one of current conditions for the achievement of the best PUE value (Power Usage Effectivity), which amounts, in case of the CGI data centre, to 1,4. An independent  fuel  disposal site for the fuel supply of backup power sources was established within the frame of the data centre construction which ensures more than 30 hours of autonomous data centre operation without refuelling.

All safety elements of physical and fire security have been operated within the CGI data centre. The data centre is thus permanently immune against unauthorized access by the EZS and EKV system, monitored through CCTV camera system. Fire security is being provided through the DC premises interconnection with EPS object Exchange and independent SHZ extinguishing system.

All employed technologies of power supply systems, cooling, physical and fire security within the data centre are permanently monitored by the remote monitoring from the ALTRON control centre within the 24/7 mode.

Benefits and advantages

The ALTRON company faced several challenges in case of CGI and its requirements. To establish a full-fledged data centre in atypical space of a classic modern office building. The data centrum is equipped with zonal cooling system, monitored within 24/7 mode, and has uniquely solved backup power supply exceeding the minimum required operation time by two times. It enables, at the same time, to extend its operation time arbitrarily and thus ensure the full data centre operation and of all its parts.

“The availability of provided services at any day and night time is of overriding importance for our customers.  The original data centre did not meet customer requirements any more so that it was essential to solve the modernization in fast and operative way. The ALTRON company met all our requirements and implemented the whole solution within record short time including zonal cooling and backup power supply combination. It enabled us to provide customers services without any interruption on highest level,” Mr. Jakub Jícha, Senior Director for Energy and Utility at CGI company said.

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